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Make Your Own Video

Your voice matters. Miley Cyrus is working with Pacific Wild to advocate for the long-term survival of grizzly bears. Join us today in the #SAVEBCBEARS movement, alongside 90% of British Columbians, including Coastal First Nations, who wish to see an end to this barbaric hunt. Follow the steps below to make your own version of our campaign video!

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In collaboration with Miley Cyrus, we have made the exact same video Miley is singing in, just for you! Click on the link to download this video and move onto Step #2.

Teddy lyrics copy.jpg


Record yourself singing the same Teddy Bear Picnic  lyrics as Miley, shown in the photo above! Then record the audio of you singing the song on your smart phone. Head to the link below for a list of apps specifically built to take any video on your phone (or tablet) and merge it with your audio file.

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Step #3

When you are ready, upload your work of art to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform of your choosing. Just remember to use the hashtag #SAVEBCBEARS to join the movement!

Check out the global community using the #SAVEBCBEARS hashtag and uploading their own Miley Cyrus videos!